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What will Callum and his teenage Southern California skate buddies do when a major war breaks out one summer, while they are away at camp? How will they find their families? Who is actually sending them messages that guide them through the maze of underground skateparks towards safe haven in the north?









      Callum Vicente and his four best middle school buddies live in a Southern California beach town, and narrowly miss being grounded for life after they sneak on the bus a skateboard day just before promotion from 8th grade. Their pal Justice ends up with a wicked broken leg, but their parents soon forget about it because weird, tense things are happening in the news.

     So Callum, Levi and his bff Apollo are soon deep into their best summer ever, at PEAK skateboard camp where they learn tricks from the pros, grind on endless street courses, and careen off one ramp straight into the lake. It is awesome fun, until a war breaks out: they watch major cities blown up on TV, have no idea what’s happened to their parents, and then all communication is lost.

      Stranded, the boarders strike out on their own to find their families, travelling north through all of California and Oregon. They catch a ride with their Native buddy Obbie, who was headed towards his dad's reservation near Spokane when things went insane. And they pick up their friends Mateo and Emma Beltran, who've been separated from their mom.

      They follow a network of underground message boards and savvy riders who are holed up in skate parks all along the way through Cali and Oregon. And even get some surprising secret messages that lead them towards as a possible safe haven where the boys can sort out a world gone crazy while they are on the move.



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