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           Check out what people are saying about ON THE MOVE. And hey, if you're a blogger or reviewer, feel free to download the Press Kit.

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     "We love this author. This story got my nephew glued to his Mom's iPad for hours. A captive read for your favorite skateboarder.."

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...After thinking about the teen boys and girls who will be reading this book, I find that the author has really nailed it on the head…. I recommend this book to any teen looking for an action-adventure read. They can be skaters themselves or just have an interest in the subject… This book is for teens of any genre, cultural background and economic background. There's no romance, no sex, nothing that gets in the way of the ultimate theme that friends have each others backs through the good and the bad times.”


     “On the Move is an extremely light-hearted tale, despite the usually depressing nature of the story matter. The characters are funny, likable and keep the story flowing with easy banter.

This is not a book to cry over. This is a book that makes you believe in the power of human kindness, in innate human qualities and lets you dream that, were this to happen, you could display such humor, compassion, loyalty and love.

Reading this, I laughed often and learnt more about skate-boarding than I ever knew before picking the book up. A great easy read that warms the heart in places.

Great read! “– Rhiannon Morris


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