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The Next Two Books in theON THE MOVE Series


    On the Rim is a prequel to On the Move that takes place during the boys’ eighth grade year, and includes a challenging adventure during their school’s spring Europe trip, while On the Lipslide is set during their junior year in high school, post-war, and involves their going on a Skateistan-type mission to set up skate parks in Saudi Arabia and Iran. In On the Rim:


     Levi, Callum, Mateo, and Obbie peek out the window of their train compartment. The sun is just rising over a European suburb. The Surfside High eighth graders scan the horizon for markers that they’ve made it to Paris--Can they see the Eiffel Tower? A familiar street sign? The river Seine? No. Just a decaying busy seaport and massive freight rail yard. Wait, is Paris even on the ocean? No, Levi assures them, it is not. They have detoured far from their eighth grade trip group. They are in Marseilles.

     How did they get to France? Or even to Europe? The second answer is simple: the skate buddies had planned for this all year. Spring break, two weeks, Germany, Switzerland, Spain. It’s Surfside High’s famous Europe Trip. A group of twenty school friends travel together to tour the old castles and best chocolate factories that they’d read about in European history class, plus visit a Nazi concentration camp, the Alps, and famous works of art. The boys had been a little nervous to be away from home for two weeks, but also excited to see very different people, places, and food. They’d even raised money for Mateo’s scholarship, and started to learn Spanish.

    So how do they get separated from the other twenty Surfside High middle schoolers and their chaperones, after ten great days seeing the sights, and even a few chances to sneak off to skate the local street scenes?

     It was the sneaking that did it... But when they don’t wake up in the right place, how will they make it to their ride home??!!

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