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"On The Move" starts with a Great Day skating Surfside High

"In a way, it had all begun on a normally great day. Maybe the best kind of skate day, if you ask me. Unfortunately, it had ended up as our worst in a long, long time. It was a Sunday, just before the last days of middle school. I’d met up with two of my other pals, Mateo and Obbie, to skate our school. Of course, skateboarding wasn’t allowed at Surfside High. And SSHS has a sleep-over caretaker. But we were experts at eluding him."

That's what Callum Vicente tells us. 14-year-old surfside skater just finishing up eighth grade. A great skate day means, you see your pals Obbie and Mateo. You hang with your best friend Apollo and his little brother Kaspar.

"...The local skatepark didn’t open until 1:00, so an early Sunday, skating the school, should have been righteous. Even the weather had been perfect, with just enough cloud cover for rolling tricks on asphalt without a blasting heat…"


"On the Move" releases on September 2. Watch this spot for more details! #KVFlynn


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