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K.V. Flynn on Where I Read for Candlelight Reads. Enter to Win!!

So, Candlelight Reads is asking, K.V....

What's your favorite place to read, and what is that special book you want to fall into again and again?

I’m pretty agnostic about where I read, but I do like quiet…no music, anyway. Comfy chair's nice. Away from the computer screen, but a Kindle HD is cool. So is paper, of course. I like to read in the sun during lunch, catch some rays and vitamin D. But I also like to read in bed at night. Used to do that with my parents. Still do, myself. Maybe that's what gives me crazy dreams sometimes!

A special book... Again and again... well, gosh. There's SO much I want to read, I honestly don't go back to as many things as I'd like. I've been talking a bit about Michael Chabon and SUMMERLAND this week because I have read that one a few times and read it to teens the age of my book's characters, too. It's a great story of friendship, oddness, baseball and the love of summer, Mother Earth, plus a pretty kicky fantasy on top of it. And 11-year-old Ethan, along with his friends, find a way to save the planet (and other worlds beyond). Clever, loyal kids with open hearts and lots of courage are right up my alley. That's why I wrote about them in On the Move! As summer fades, that's a beautiful story to revisit at any age!

Hey, feel free to leave a like or a comment here, or at OnthemoveBooks on Facebook, and you can win a free eBook copy of ON THE MOVE and a cool skate sticker at the end of this Hop!

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