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K.V. Blogs about Teen Skaters' Fave Snacks

K.V. here to tell you about our favorite foods and snacks.

Wait—aren’t those the same thing, basically?

I’m thinking about food from a 14-year-old skater’s point of view, and they love sweet, refreshing snacks. No question! But they’re also very Southern California, so some of these kids’ tastes surprise you.

3Cityskateres OTM-jwebb-MEME.jpg

  • When the candy craving comes up, it’s a toss-up between Nestlé’s Bunch-a-crunch and KitKats OR going the Sour Patch Straws/Gummy Worms direction.

  • Thirsty? Well, on the move, during hot beach days, definitely Iced Caramel Machiatto… Yeah, we’re Starbucks fans!

  • But we also love a good juicy lemonade. And, since we were little, we regularly go for great fresh fruit smoothies. Banana-strawberry. Mango-pineapple. Yum!

  • Chips—Dorito’s ranch-flavored. Plus definitely salt ’n’ vinegar potato chips. Or those new spicy sweet chili nachos—ooo, those can really hit the spot.

  • We have tons of really great Mexican food around—especially if someone like Mrs. Beltran is making it for you: like her famous rice and chile rellenos at Christmas time. But I can go for a bean and cheese burrito on a regular basis, or a quesadilla with guacamole. And a hot sugary churro dipped in chocolate is a truly awesome treat.

  • Life is not all snacks—I know! We love regular food that our moms make. For me, pesto pasta is a big favorite. And fresh paninis, like in On the Move, with grilled onions and green peppers on fresh bread with melty hot provolone and cheddar cheese.

  • We grew up eating lots of fresh salads, which is different from kids in other places, I know. So most every day I want a big bowl of baby greens, avocado, little sugar plum tomatoes, cucumber and my favorite dressing—olive oil, Dijon mustard, a splash of balsamic, cumin powder, salt and pepper. A Caesar salad with parmesan and homemade garlic-salt croutons also rocks.

  • I love ice cream. Different times, different flavors. I always have a Ben ‘n’ Jerry’s ice cream cake for my birthday, usually with at least Cookie’s ‘n’ cream in one layer. Sometimes solid chocolate fudge. Sometimes I’m just in the mood for vanilla!

  • After middle school, every kid is soooo hungry, so before studying and homework, I love a bowl of soup—creamy tomato with basil, or a chunky minestrone. More croutons, please! Or, garlic bread goes excellent. And a salad. Maybe a pomegranate or crisp green grapes for dessert!

  • Popular beach towns like Surfside usually have some rockin’ pizza, and who doesn’t love that once in a while? We have one called d’Amores that you can get by the slice—my favorite is white with ricotta and spinach. I think they make it with water from Boston or some crazy thing—whatever, it is thin and delicious. We also have a new place in our area called 800 Degrees where you build your own pizza from a pile of yummy things like 5 different cheeses, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, and then they throw it in such a hot oven that the crust is bubbled and crispy by the time you get down the line to the cash register!

So that’s the top food list from me--and On the Move's chief skater/storyteller, Callum Vicente! How about you? Post a comment or a snack!

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