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The kickass cover for ON THE MOVE is in a contest this month. Would you check it out? Give it your vote? I'm sure you agree--this is an awesome cover for a skate book. It has fun and danger, action and is a little out of control, right?

You can vote for ON THE MOVE's cover here: I'd love to have your vote!

The publisher for ON THE MOVE, Astraea Press (, works with a few cover designers, and assigns them to their authors based on their creativity and strengths.

Book Beautiful was my choice in the stable for ON THE MOVE, and I was really happy with the product. I gave the artist some ideas, and actually liked the first draft--which was very different from the final product. But the skater expert in my family didn't think the photo had a good board position, and I was concerned that it looked too sunny--did not yet convey the action and danger that's part of the book. I had him page through the artist's photo library and choose the one you see here. They did an overall redesign with it. And it worked!

So, the cover contest is over at AUTHORSdB. Throw it your Vote! Check it out here, and weigh in!

Would you show my cover some love? THANKS!~

K.V. Flynn


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